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Weta Digital is a five-time Academy Award® winning visual effects facility based in Wellington, New Zealand.

The Weta Digital crew

Our teams of digital artists are world leaders in all areas of visual effects production, including previsualisation, animation, performance capture, simulation, compositing, modeling, rendering, and research.  Artists from all over the world come to Weta Digital to push their skills and be challenged to deliver their best work. 


About Weta Digital

Weta Digital is one of the world’s premier visual effects companies. Led by Senior Visual Effects Supervisor Joe Letteri, Weta Digital is known for uncompromising creativity and a commitment to developing innovative technology. Groundbreaking performance-driven digital characters like Smaug, Gollum, Kong, Neytiri, and Caesar (from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) are widely acknowledged as some of the best digital characters ever put on screen. Weta's development of revolutionary virtual production workflows for Avatar, The Adventures of Tintin, and the Hobbit trilogy has firmly integrated digital production techniques into the film production paradigm.

Co-founder Peter Jackson established Weta Digital in 1993 to create the visual effects for his film Heavenly Creatures. The company went on to cement its reputation for cutting edge visual effects with work on blockbusters like the Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong.

Weta Digital has five visual effects Oscars® and five visual effects BAFTAs to its credit, and has recently completed the visual effects for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.



Sister companies

Weta Digital is part of a neighbourhood of creative companies including Weta Workshop, Park Road Post Production, Stone Street Studios and Portsmouth Rentals. Find out more


Weta Digital’s creative excellence has been recognised with a number of prestigious awards, including Academy Awards® and BAFTAs®. Find out more


It is with great sadness that Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, and Joe Letteri announce the passing of Eileen Moran, a driving creative force at Weta Digital, where she served as their most trusted visual effects Executive Producer, since joining the company from Rhythm & Hues in 2001. Find out more