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Sister companies

Satellite map showing Weta's sister companies

Weta Digital is part of a neighbourhood of creative companies including Weta Workshop, Park Road Post Production, Stone Street Studios and Portsmouth Rentals.

Sister companies

Weta Digital is part of a network of creative companies based in the Wellington suburb of Miramar - home to some of the worlds finest filmmaking talent and technology.

Weta Workshop

Another recipient of multiple Academy Awards®, Weta Workshop is responsible for the beautifully realised physical environments of both King Kong and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Workshop offers services in design, makeup effects and prosthetics, creatures, museum display models, armour and chain mail, weapons and sculpture.

Contact Weta Workshop

Phone: + 644 909 4000

Park Road Post Production

Park Road is a premier post production facility offering a relaxing and inspiring environment for filmmakers to realise their vision. The facility offers sound mixing services, digital intermediate, end to end stereoscopic services, digital lab services, as well as a Kodak Imagecare accredited film processing lab.

Contact Park Road Post Production

Phone: + 644 909 7800

Stone Street Studios

Stone Street Studios has two purpose-built sound stages, including the massive 24,500 square foot stage, four adapted warehouse stages, and a large back lot that can house a wet stage. It also offers services in production, construction, wardrobe, makeup and art department.

Contact Stone Street Studios

Phone: + 644 388 9813

Portsmouth Rentals

Portsmouth Rentals is a complete film equipment rental company with a vast range of lighting, lighting trucks, grip, unit, location and special effects equipment for hire. It has a consumables outlet that sells everything from gaffer tape to technician accessories.

Contact Portsmouth Rentals

Phone: + 644 380 9701

Weta Limited

Weta Limited is the merchandising arm of Weta Workshop. It produces and sells a range of exceptional, high end collectibles, apparel, books, chain mail and object art. Weta Limited also manages the Weta Cave retail store at 1 Weka St, Miramar, Wellington. The Weta Cave provides fans and tourists with a rare insight into the world of Weta.

Contact Weta

Phone: + 644 388 8646